What is governance?

Governance is of important aspect for UKAC as this gives confidence to our stakeholders and related parties that we are achieving our aims. It defines what is excellence at UKAC and how we function to:

  • Meet the expectations of our stakeholders
  • Comply with public outlooks.
  • Aim to meet statutory and commercial obligations
  • UKAC aims to be effective, efficient and transparent in delivering our accreditation services. UKAC is impartial in decision-making and regularly monitors our performance for continual improvement.
Equivalent management:

At UKAC we treat we deal with fairly and with politeness and respect. UKAC protect privacy and confidentiality every step of the way.


At the top, overseeing all operations is our 06 member Governing Board which has unique authority over the rights and responsibilities of UKAC. This includes authority over the conduct of the Technical Advisory Council and the Accreditation Review Panel.

Board members are appointed by the UKAC in consultation with UK Quality Council.

The Governing Board appoints the members of the Technical Advisory Council.


The Technical Advisory Council represents UKAC stakeholders and ensures our activities are impartial and transparent. It advises the Governing Board on matters relating to UKAC, including the Accreditation Review Board.

The Technical Advisory Council—no more than 15 members with a Chairman and a Vice Chairman ensures that technical experts and stakeholders are involved in developing accreditation programs. It also supervises working groups and technical committees.


The Accreditation Review Panel is a group of experts responsible for considering and making accreditation decisions and making recommendations on these matters to the Governing Board. This includes granting, maintaining, reducing, extending, reviewing, suspending and withdrawing accreditation.


The Secretariat is the administrative arm of the Board and it is located in Newport, UK:

  • administers the accreditation process
  • coordinates the work of technical committees associated with accreditation programmes
  • provides input into national and international committees and working groups
  • provides input into the development of new accreditation programs.
  • Reporting on performance

UKAC operates in an open and transparent way and makes available a wide range of information available to the public on this website. Reporting against our performance is an integral part of our professional operations. The Treaty requires the Governing Board to provide performance review & Annual Report to the QCM. These reports are provided to:
UK Quality Council.

Why is accreditation so important for certifiers?

Third-party accreditation provided by UKAC is recognized around the world as the highest and most trustworthy type of certification or inspection body can obtain.

With such accreditation you automatically send a indication to your clients that they can be confident in what you do. This is increasingly important in a market that is growing quickly in size and complexity in a market where many bodies operating without any such credentials.

UKAC accreditation gives you the capability to:

  • highlight your competence
  • demonstrate your independence
  • increase likelihood of smooth access to overseas markets (through our formal arrangements with international accreditation organisations)
  • build confidence in your ability through benchmarking performance against other accredited bodies.

Once accredited, certification bodies or inspection bodies are able to use the UKAC symbol as a visual indicator for their work as a sign of assurance.

Understanding the seriousness of granting accreditation UKAC will withdraw the accreditation for lack of performance. This is part of our assurance guarantee. We think very carefully about granting accreditation and take our responsibility for this seriously. So when an organisation, product or person is not delivering we take appropriate action. This enables us to maintain the integrity of the accreditation system as a whole.


UKAC function as a center and depend on our strong, external relationships with all the countries to enhance our services. This involves working closely with the large number of other organisations operating in the certification and inspection sphere all across the world.

This includes the national and international laws related to product conformance, scheme owners, international accreditation organisations, as well as standards and conformance technical bodies. Through these relationships, we work closely with standards writers, laboratory accreditation bodies and legal metrology institutes to promote the value of infrastructure services and to deliver services.

UKAC recognize the value of collaboration as essential to achieving goals of:

  • integrity and confidence
  • trade support
  • linkages
  • international acceptance

Through these worldwide relationships UKAC:

  • tap into best practice in developing professional accreditation criteria and standards and benchmark what we do
  • test our work with experts through systematic peer reviews
  • test technical accuracy
  • measure whether our performance is meeting the needs of the conformity assessment bodies and certifiers and inspectors who rely on us to perform their work.

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