About the UKAC Register

The UKAC Register is used by a wide range of people and organisations, including those:
  • checking credentials throughout the market supply chain
  • assessing tenders
  • conducting public procurement
  • confirming if an organisation, product or person has been certified or inspected by a UKAC accredited body.

We also use the register as a tool to better understand trends in the world of certification and we publish reports for certifiers and inspectors to keep them up-to-date.

You can use the UKAC Register to search for:

Accredited certification and inspection bodies

Bodies that have been accredited by UKAC for conformance assessment duties.

Certified organisations

Organisations that have been independently certified or inspected by a UKAC accredited body and been issued with an authentic certificate.

Can’t find an organisation, product or person on the register?

This means they:

  1. do not hold an authentic UKAC accredited certificate
  2. have not yet been added to the register (until they are you should not count on the validity).

Do you have a copy of what appears to be a UKAC accredited certificate but cannot find it on the register?

It could be the certificate is fraudulent. In this case:

  1. Contact the certification or inspection body direct to discuss the matter (in the first instance).
  2. Send UKAC a copy of the certificate for our inspection.

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